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Latest Decklists for Players Tour Qualifiers and More

May 28, 2020
Wizards of the Coast

If you're looking to jump in and compete for cash prizes, qualification to the Players Tour and more, then catch up on the latests decklists and get started.

Plus, we're sharing the decklists from ELEAGUE Showdown: MTG Arena, Red Bull Untapped and other events for even more Standard action. Check back daily for the latest lists and events.

Mythic Qualifiers

CFB Events Players Tour Qualifiers

MagicFest Online Weekly Championships and Season Finals

(All MagicFest Online events are Standard format. Top Decks are the Top 32 decklists from the Weekly Championship or Season Finals.)

Season 2

Season 1

Red Bull Untapped Qualifier Decklists

Red Bull Untapped is back! See how you can qualify for your chance at $75,000 in prizes, then get ready to compete online against the world.

ELEAGUE Showdown: MTG Arena Decklists

Watch the ELEAGUE Showdown: MTG Arena every Wednesday through May 27 at 6 PM EDT on

LatAm Magic Series

The rising competitors across Latin and South America battle for Players Tour qualification and prizes—now through MTG Arena. Learn more about the LatAm Magic Series as the Summer season continues online.

Magic Online Constructed Super Qualifiers

While Super Qualifiers are the latest qualification events added to Magic Online, scheduled Preliminary and Challenge events offer even more opportunities to compete. Check out the daily Magic Online decklist updates for more options and metagame changes across formats.

MagicFest Online Qualifiers

(All MagicFest Online events are Standard format. Top Decks are 15+ match point decklists from players qualified for the Weekly Championship or Season Finals, or 9 match point decklists from special three round qualifier events.)

Friday, May 8: Top Decks

Thursday. May 7: Top Decks

Wednesday, May 6: Top Decks

Tuesday, May 5: Top Decks

Monday, May 4: Top Decks

Sunday, May 3: Top Decks

Saturday, May 2: Top Decks

Friday, May 1: Top Decks

Thursday, April 30: Top Decks

Wednesday, April 29: Top Decks

Tuesday, April 28: Top Decks

Monday, April 27: Top Decks

Sunday, April 26: Top Decks

Saturday, April 25: Top Decks

Friday, April 24: Top Decks

Thursday, April 23: Top Decks

Wednesday, April 22: Top Decks

Tuesday, April 21: Top Decks

Monday, April 20: Top Decks

Tuesday, April 14: Top Decks

Monday, April 13: Top Decks

Sunday, April 12: Top Decks

Saturday, April 11: Top Decks

Friday, April 10: Top Decks

Thursday, April 9: Top Decks

Wednesday, April 8: Top Decks

Tuesday, April 7: Top Decks

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