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2019 Hall of Fame Candidate Statistics

November 14, 2019

The following is a breakdown of the candidates for induction in the 2019 Magic Hall of Fame. All statistics are through August 19, 2019.


Median: Midpoint of career Pro Tour and Tabletop Mythic Championship finishes (half above, half below)

3-Year Median: Top median finish taken from three consecutive seasons (to qualify, must have played in a number of events in a three-year span equal to the total number of events minus three)

POY Top 10s: Number of times a player finished in the Top 10 in a Player of the Year race.

Top Finishes: This includes Pro Tour and 1996-2011 World Championship Top 8s, Team Pro Tour Top 4s, 2012-18 World Championship Top 4s, Tabletop Mythic Championship Top 8s, Arena Mythic Championship Top 4s, Mythic Invitational Top 4s, and Magic Online Championship Top 4s.

PT/MC Top 16/32/64 Finishes: These are cumulative counts by result finish from Pro Tours and Tabletop Mythic Championships (for example, a Top 8 finish is also counted as a Top 16, Top 32, and Top 64).

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