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A Magical Birthday Celebration

August 03, 2023
Wizards of the Coast

With Gen Con now underway in Indianapolis and the AMA with Gavin Verhey now wrapping up, you may start to hear whispers about this little artifact.

Attendees at the AMA with Gavin Verhey received a surprise copy of a Lotus Petal as a gift to our attending fans to celebrate Magic's 30th anniversary formally.

This will not be the only place where fans can get their hands on one of these beautiful foil-etched Lotus Petal promo cards. Additional copies will be floating around at Gen Con for participants in the Un-Known event with Gavin Verhey later today as well as Saturday's Magic panel, "Magic at 30: Past, Present, and Future of the World's Best Trading Card Game," and maybe a few surprise copies throughout the weekend as remaining supplies allow.

For those not in attendance at Gen Con, however, we have good news, as players worldwide will have a shot at snagging a copy while supplies last at their local WPN retailer starting on September 22, which is the first day of MagicCon: Las Vegas.

In terms of what you need to do to receive one at your WPN game store: just show up and play in an event (while supplies last at your favorite store starting on September 22)!

That's it! Keep in mind these promos are first come, first served so check with your local WPN retailer on the first event where they will be awarding these starting on September 22, then just show up, play, and celebrate with a little 30th birthday gift.

And for those attending MagicCon: Las Vegas who are concerned about missing out on this little birthday surprise, never fear! Each attendee will receive a Lotus Petal promo alongside their Arcane Signet promo at badge merchandise fulfillment.

It's a 30th birthday celebration, and you're all invited! Here's to many more years of gathering to come!

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