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Mythic Championship IV Survival Guide

July 15, 2019
Wizards of the Coast

Mythic Championship IV = $500,000 in prize money! Welcome to Mythic Championship IV in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. Watch your favorite pros and challengers compete for the chance to be the champion and secure a spot at Worlds.

When and How Can I Watch?

Mythic Championship IV will be broadcast live on on July 26-28 beginning each morning 9 a.m. local time (midnight PT/3 a.m. ET/7 a.m. UTC). We'll be bringing round-by-round coverage straight to your screen, so tune in all weekend to catch the action!

For match-by-match updates, be sure to follow @MagicEsports and @Wizards_Magic on Twitter. To stay in touch on social media, use the hashtag #MythicChampionshipIV.

Where Is the Event?

MagicFest+ Barcelona
Fira de Barcelona - Gran Via
Av. Joan Carles I, 64
08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
Barcelona, Spain

Who Are the Casters?

Rich Hagon: Host
Maria Bartholdi: Host
Tim Willoughby: Reporter
Marshall Sutcliffe: Play-By-Play
Riley Knight: Play-By-Play
Eduardo Sajgalik: Analyst
Paul Cheon: Analyst


Friday, July 26: 9 a.m. local time / 7 a.m. UTC / 3 a.m. ET / midnight PT
Broadcast ends after Round 8

Saturday, July 27: 9 a.m. local time / 7 a.m. UTC / 3 a.m. ET / midnight PT
Broadcast ends after Top 8 announcement

Sunday, July 28: 9 a.m. local time / 7 a.m. UTC / 3 a.m. ET / midnight PT
Broadcast ends after the trophy ceremony


Following Twitch's Content Sharing Guidelines, you can co-stream Mythic Championship IV from using OBS or XSplit. This allows anyone on Twitch to be able to cover the event in their voice and with their community. To be clear, co-streamed content is not endorsed by Wizards. And we expect anyone who participates in co-streaming to follow Wizards' Fan Content Policy.

What Is the Format?

It's all about Modern in Barcelona. Not only will we get to see the top players in the world taking their shots at solving the new Modern metagame, but we'll also watch them crack open packs of Modern Horizons for the Booster Draft rounds.

Days One and Two

  • Day One will consist of three rounds of Booster Draft followed by five rounds of Modern
  • Day Two will consist of three rounds of Booster Draft followed by five rounds of Modern
  • Players with 12 or more match points after Round 8 will advance to Day Two
  • The Top 8 players after Round 16 will advance to Sunday's single-elimination playoff

Top 8 Sunday

  • The Top 8 will use a traditional single-elimination bracket
  • The Top 8 format is Modern Constructed
  • Top 8 matches are best three out of five
  • The first two games are pre-sideboard. After Game 2, players may exchange cards from their deck for cards in their sideboard
  • Standings after the Swiss rounds will determine the final order in the standings for losing players in the quarterfinals and semifinals

When Will Decklists Be Published?

All Modern decklists will be published the morning of Friday, July 26 on the Esports web site. Lists will include all maindeck cards and the card names of sideboard cards (but not card quantities). Sideboard card quantities will be added on Sunday, July 28.

Will There Be Open Decklists?

Yes! Due the overwhelmingly positive feedback for live coverage at Mythic Championship II, there will be open decklists in Barcelona. All players will be able to review their opponent's constructed decklist before playing each round starting with Round 4.

Prior to each match, players will exchange decklists and have one minute to review the opponent's decklist. Players are not allowed to make notes during this review period.

What is the Prize Payout?

Place Amount
1 $50,000
2 $20,000
3-4 $15,000
5-8 $10,000
9-16 $6,000
17-24 $3,000
25-32 $2,000
33-48 $1,500
49-64 $1,000
65-180 $750
181-470 $500
471+ $500
Total $500,000

Wait, Aren't Mythic Points a Thing Now?

Yep! And players get some in this event! Here is how they break down:

Rank Mythic Points
1st 50
2nd 42
3rd–4th 37
5th–8th 32
36+ Match Points 24
33-35 Match Points 17
30-32 Match Points 11
27–29 Match Points 5

And What Are Mythic Points Used For?

All this will culminate at the Magic World Championship, where sixteen players will conclude a groundbreaking season for esports and competitive gaming by vying for $1 million in prizes. The sixteen slots will be spread out across tabletop Magic and MTG Arena qualification paths for MPLers and Challengers. They include:

  • The 2018 Magic World Champion (Javier Dominguez)
  • The winners of each of the seven 2019 Mythic Championships (four tabletop and three MTG Arena)
  • The Top 4 MPL players with the most Mythic Points*
  • The Top 4 Challengers with the most Mythic Points*

*If a player in the Top 4 has earned an invitation through another means, that qualification slot will pass down to the next highest Mythic Point earner.

How Can I Play in a Mythic Championship?

You can earn an invitation by:

  • Being a top finisher at a Mythic Championship Qualifier
  • Winning a Magic Online Championship Series event
  • Being a top finisher at a Grand Prix
  • Having the appropriate Pro Players Club status
  • Finishing with 33 match points or greater at the previously held Mythic Championship

Can I Attend the Event as a Spectator?

Yes, spectators are welcome!

Not qualified for this event? Are you traveling with a competitor, or do you live near the venue? Then come on by, because you're more than welcome to witness the action in person, and a whole host of offerings are available for players and fans alike as part of MagicFest+ Barcelona!

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