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Mythic Championship V Qualifier Weekend Information

August 16, 2019
Wizards of the Coast

Congratulations to the 16 players that qualified for Mythic Championship V through their performances in the Mythic Championship V Qualifier Weekend!

  • Kavartech
  • Vearato
  • Swifth
  • John1111
  • Honey
  • kbzx
  • EasyMac
  • StanCifka
  • Coraiola
  • PDG
  • enoo
  • InqulsltoR
  • MTGIncomitatus
  • DarkMonaldson
  • sebastianpozzo
  • edmvyrus

Final standings from Mythic Championship V Qualifier Weekend will be posted in the next 24 hours.

The second Arena Mythic Championship Qualifier Weekend is taking place August 17-18. The Top 16 competitors will earn invitations to Mythic Championship V on October 18-20 in Long Beach, California.

The top 1,000 Mythic-ranked players in either Constructed or Limited during Core Set 2020 Season 1 (May 2019) or Season 2 (June 2019) are eligible to compete. The format is best-of-three Standard, with Day One participants playing until they record 10 wins or 2 losses, whichever comes first. The Top 128 players at the end of Day One's event will receive an invitation to compete in Day Two of the MCQW. Full Day Two qualification information can be found on the MCQW info link below.

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