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Where and How to Play with Streets of New Capenna

April 18, 2022
Blake Rasmussen

With the world opening up and competitive tabletop play returning to stores and major events around the world, we've begun rolling out new play opportunities and bringing back old favorites. Your local game store is the hub for all kinds of play programs, from the most laid-back events to the most cutthroat tournaments.

Let's look at the Streets of New Capenna events coming to a game store near you!

Prerelease: April 22–28

This is your first opportunity to play with cards from Streets of New Capenna—anywhere! That's right, for the first time since the launch of Magic: The Gathering Arena, the tabletop Prerelease is coming before the digital release, meaning you'll want to reserve your spot with your local game store today.

Prereleases are Sealed events where you receive a Prerelease Pack with which to build a deck, and then you play against others doing the same! There are options to play both in store and at home. The event is laid back, usually has a flat prize distribution, and is intended for players of all experience levels. It's even a great event if you're just learning.

For Streets of New Capenna, you'll pick your family and get a Family Booster (which features cards from that family) and five Draft Boosters. Choose wisely. These families mean business.

Check out Gavin Verhey's Good Morning Magic episode on Wednesday, April 20, for more details and tips on jumping into the Streets of New Capenna Prerelease fun.

Launch Party and Commander Launch Party: April 29–May 8

Launch Party events celebrate the global release of a set and typically feature drafts, Sealed Deck, and Commander play! For Streets of New Capenna, we're going deep on Commander with Commander Launch Parties, celebrating the five new Commander decks released with Streets of New Capenna—one for each family, of course.

Much like Prereleases, Commander Launch Parties are great entry points for new players, but don't be surprised to see longtime players in Commander battles for hours on end. We've extended the dates for Commander Launch Parties for this set, so gather some friends and fight for your family.

Oh, and you can also earn this Swiftfoot Boots promo for purchasing one of the new Commander decks and battling against others!

Friday Night Magic: Every Friday

Friday Night Magic is the core for players looking for something with the structure of a tournament but a few more notches toward friendly play than the competitive scene. Stores can run any format—Standard and Draft are common, but Pioneer, Modern, Commander, and more are all on the table—so check with your local game store for what types of events they run on Friday nights.

And just for playing at participating WPN stores, you can receive WPN Promo Packs containing some of these cards:

Commander Nights: Ongoing

Commander Nights are just what they sound like—play Commander against friends or soon-to-be friends at your local game store. Grab a Commander deck or twelve and slide up to the table. Check with your local game store for more information.

Game Day: May 7–15

Looking for something a bit more competitive? Game Day features a one-day tournament for WPN stores loaded with cool promos as prizes. Stores may run these events as Standard, Streets of New Capenna Draft, or Streets of New Capenna Sealed. Just for participating, you can receive this alternate version of Power Word Kill:

If you make the Top 8 of the event, you'll receive this premium Skyclave Apparition:

And if you manage to conquer your store and take the whole thing? How about this alternate All-Seeing Arbiter, a mythic rare from Streets of New Capenna:

We'll be rolling out even more ways to play as the year goes on, so check back here every set to see how you can join in the fun at your local game store!

APAC League

For those living in the APAC region, the APAC League 2022 is ongoing! And you've got more reasons to join up, as the League will be culminating in Championships in December, featuring an exclusive alternate-reality pin set made by Pinfinity. The Streets of New Capenna season runs May 6–June 19. The Championship will be held in December and will be Standard with Top 8 draft. There will be seventeen Championship events in total in the APAC region divided as follows:

  • Australia – 5
  • China – 3
  • New Zealand – 1
  • Chinese Taipei – 1
  • Hong Kong – 1
  • South Korea – 1
  • Singapore – 1
  • Malaysia – 1
  • Indonesia – 1
  • Philippines – 1
  • Thailand – 1

For more information, and to see if your local WPN store is running APAC League events, check in with the store!

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