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Get Ready For 2020 Magic Esports

December 20, 2019
Wizards of the Coast

2019 was one of the biggest years for competitive Magic—and 2020 will be even bigger. From the spectacle of the Mythic Invitational at PAX East through to the incredible finale of Mythic Championship VII, 2020 is primed with Magic World Championship XXVI, Mythic Invitationals, the Players Tour and more.

If your Magic New Year's resolution is to become the next Magic esports star, or you're just starting on your competitive journey to the Magic World Championship, here's a quick rundown of what you need to know and everything you may have missed from 2019.

The Future of Magic Esports is Here

In August, the future of Magic esports was announced:

  • The introduction of the Magic Rivals League to lead player development and growth into the MPL—Magic Pro League—with the Gauntlet as the showdown to promote Rivals stars.
  • Two paths to the Magic World Championship—one through tabletop Magic on the Players Tour, and the other through competitive MTG Arena play leading to the Mythic Invitational—each with their own points system (Player Points and Mythic Points).
  • Magic Premier Series partnerships offering more ways to qualify for the Players Tour.

The October Esports Update enhanced the 2020 announcement:

  • Extending MPL invitation to the winner of the Magic World Championship.
  • Fractional Invites allow competitors seeking the Players Tour to earn qualification even without a tournament win.

October was also the reveal of the 2020 MagicFest and Players Tour schedule, where you can compete in Grand Prixs for Players Tour qualification—alongside a host of Magic events from PTQs and the Command Zone to meeting cosplayers and more.

The November Esports Update expanded the Players Tour further:

  • Additional 2020 Players Tour invitations were awarded to players from across the 2019 season.
  • The sunsetting of byes at Grand Prix in May 2020 opens the door to new structures and opportunities.

Finally, the December Esports Update laid out where you'll compete on MTG Arena next:

  • The schedule of 2020 Mythic Invitationals—and their $750,000 prize pools—was announced.
  • Earning your Mythic rank in each MTG Arena's season of Ranked Play leads to Mythic Qualifiers and Mythic Point Challenges, additional opportunities for earning Mythic Points in 2020.

Plus, the $150,000 Mythic Championship Team Series Final was announced to take place drafting Theros Beyond Death one week before the Prerelease, with live coverage from Grand Prix Austin bringing the best tabletop action to Magic fans around the world.

The Best Players of 2019 Are Waiting

With the conclusion of the 2019 season we welcomed a Magic competitive class packed with faces—new and old—eager to leave their mark on 2020.

Everything begins in January as the 2020 Partial Season kicks off with the first Players Tour events and Mythic Qualifier. Whether you play tabletop Magic or MTG Arena, your path to the top of the game is waiting for you.

Find your local game store, or download MTG Arena and start playing today: 2020 is almost here!

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